• Polyethylene traffic lane barriers are one of the serial products of PEPSA. Specially designed polyethylene road barriers have a lightweight but durable structure. Our traffic lane barriers have a water receptacle with a threaded cap system. When desired the water can be easily discharged. With their interlocking structure PEPSA polyethylene traffic lane barriers can be easily used in series for various arrangements like dividing road lanes, setting up short- or long-term roundabouts or setting up special parking areas. With their lightweight structure polyethylene road barriers can be stacked to save space. Red and white coloured polyethylene road barriers are widely preferred, but they can be made any desired colour optionally.



    Lane Arrangement Barriers are used to provide warning and caution in busy traffic lane divisions, bridge and junction entrances, car parks, housing sites, fuel stations and no parking zones. Warning panels of lane barriers are made of a flexible polymer. The products are made of a polymer resistant to weather conditions (-20°C to +60°C).



    • These products can be deployed as weighted barriers by being filled with water.

    They can be used on bridges and viaducts, to divide road lanes or to limit access to private properties.

    Their interlocking structure provides ease of installation for these water filled barriers.