• Our polyethylene container can also keep dry food items. All products are mono-block type and do not contain any joining applications like weld, rivet, centre or solder. Polyethylene containers are economic and durable. They do not change the odour or taste of the items placed in them and they are not affected by weather conditions. The raw material of containers comprises UV resistant additives. Raw materials are approved by the Ministry of Health as compliant with food directives and they are certified as having no negative effect on human health.



    • This product type comprises containers in "Vertical Cylinder" form in various sizes and volumes ranging from 500 litres to 20,000 litres designed for various needs with flexible production options. They can be used as food or chemical storage containers. The structure of the product does not react with the stored material. They can be used in storage and transport of food items like water, turnip juice, olive oil, fruit juices, pickles, molasses, vinegar, milk, wine, vegetal oils, glucose, etc. They can also be used in storage of chemical products, various acids (sulfuric acid, nitric acid, LABSA, hydrochloric acid, etc.), diesel, fuel oil and gasoline.


    • Widely used as water storage containers, these products can be made in various sizes ranging from 360 litres to 3000 litres. They can be used as horizontal storage containers. They provide a healthy, hygienic, economical and durable storage solution. They have a lightweight structure providing ease of handling. The materials they contain will not be affected by any odour, aroma or mossing. They are resistant to weather conditions. Any desired size of input-output ports (chrome, polyethylene, PVC, etc.) can be fitted to the containers according to the material to be stored. These products have good impact resistance.