• In modern cities infrastructure lines like rainwater, drainage and sewage systems must be controlled through inspection shafts placed in regular intervals in order to ensure regular and problem-free operation. Due to their weakness against chemicals, their heavy and unwieldly structure and the difficulties in their production, handling, installation and handling the conventional inspection shafts have been replaced by high technology product polyethylene models. Thanks to their superior features polyethylene inspection shafts are widely used in industrial facilities on process water lines, return lines or constant cycle water lines. PEPSA polyethylene inspection shafts are designed in consideration of all needs that might arise in various infrastructure systems.


  • Polyethylene channel grates are made of ethylene. These high quality products can be made at any desired density. Compared to classic metal grates these products are lighter, with a higher corrosion resistance and better load resistance. Steel Reinforced Grates are among materials providing high resistance values. They are easy to install and remove.

    PEPSA Plastic offers any desired colour, size and mould shape of grates on order. Therefore, the grates viewed on our website are only provided as examples.


  • Produced in standard sizes and colours employed by highway administrations, our traffic barrier products are easily movable thanks to their light structure. With their interlocking feature they provide a practical solution in applications like forming roundabouts, dividing road lanes and road closing. The barriers can be filled with water at capped water port to fix them in place for long term use.

    Impervious against hot or cold weather conditions, our traffic barrier products can be used for long years without showing any deformation. Frequent users of our traffic barrier products include traffic police, municipal traffic directorates, road construction and repair companies, municipal police control points, airports, shopping centres, car parks, etc.



    • Our polyethylene containers are suitable for storing dry food items. All products are mono-block type and do not contain any joining applications like weld, rivet, centre or solder. Polyethylene containers are economic and durable. They do not change the odour or taste of the items placed in them and they are not affected by weather conditions. The raw material of containers comprises UV resistant additives. Raw materials are approved by the Ministry of Health as compliant with food directives and they are certified as having no negative effect on human health.




    • The high quality silos are specially made of polyethylene material. The liner has UV stabilised properties which make it resistant to corrosion. The silos can keep food and chemical materials. Raw materials used in our product are Food Grade. The material does not react with the items it contains.