About Pepsa Plastik


Past to future …

Keeping in constant communication with international expert organisations, Pepsa Plastik continuously follows up international exhibitions on plastics and plastic technologies. In scope of R&D studies the company continuously integrates new technologies, knowledge, innovations and development.

Mould production starts by modelling in our own CNC machines. When mould production is completed, trial productions are performed in Pepsa machines using approved raw materials. Sample products are tested and approved in Pepsa body. Dimension, colour, weight, strength values are reported and presented for customer approval. Thanks to short mould production time and its production techniques Pepsa can mould and produce your small volume orders with low costs.

Rotation, injection and extrusion technologies are employed. Customer demands, product use conditions and aesthetic considerations are taken into account in moulding and design process. After projecting, the design is made with CAD-CAM support. The product is then tested in simulations in computer environment. Any weak points in design or any problem that might arise with the product are determined in these simulations, and the design is changes as necessary. After design is completed, prototype product samples are produced and presented for customer approval.

Pepsa has a widespread service network across Turkey for installation, spare parts and after-sales services.



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Our Mission

Main objectives of Pepsa Plastik are to perform production with high technology while keeping environmental and human health as the first directive, continuously raising the bar of quality, developing superior products, and creating new markets and opportunities with an innovative and competitive growth policy in plastics sector.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create more jobs in order to contribute to growth of Turkish economy and to grow as we share the prosperity derived from production with our employees and our business partners.

Our Goals;

Improving our products and process, adding new values to each piece of our work;

Decreasing cycle times and variation in all our process;

Increasing productivity and improving our measures against wastage every year.